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"Mineral Spa Bath Salts-6 Varieties"

"Mineral Spa Bath Salts-6 Varieties" Image

Mineral Spa Bath Salts- 6 Varieties

"Mineral Spa Bath Salts" are perfect for a long soak in the tub or jacuzzi. These spa safe salts are a mix of mineral salts, desert mineral salts, and silica (salt from the earth) and fragrance. we give you a whole pound of salts, in a wide mouth jar. These salts are a great value, and work wonders on sore muscles. We have 6 tantalizing fragrances listed below for you to choose from. Pour a hot tub with any of our Bath Salts and prepare to relax in a real southwestern style.

1. Cedar & Sage Bath Salts
2. Desert Rainstorm Bath Salts
3. Eucalyptus & Aloe Bath Salts
4. Lavender & Sweetgrass Bath Salts
5. Prickly Pear Bath Salts
6. Mountain Cider Bath Salts

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