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"Navajo Cedar Berry Ghost Bead Star Ornament"

"Navajo Cedar Berry Ghost Bead Star Ornament" Image

Navajo Cedar Berry Ghost Bead Star Ornament
These beautiful star ornaments are created by Navajo beaders, using cedar berries, glass beads, etc. Please note, there may be some variation in design, colour, and style.

Native Americans believe GHOST BEADS are mystical and powerful.
Cedar berries are gathered by members of the Navajo and Ute Nations of southeastern Utah for the creation of ghost bead jewelry and crafts. The people are assisted by Ants, who nibble off one end of the berry and eat the meat. The craftspeople need only punch a hole in the other end to string berries on a cord with colorful beads. The harmony that results from the interconnection of earth, tree, animal and human is believed to ensure tranquility and keep evil spirits away from the wearer.

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