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"Chipmunk Kachina (Kona) Ornament"

"Chipmunk Kachina (Kona) Ornament" Image

Chipmunk Kachina (Kona)

Kona is a racer Kachina. He challenges the village males to footraces, a test of the villagers' strength. When a runner looses, Kona beats them with his yucca leaf whip.

Who says a hanging ornament is only for the Christmas Tree! These Kachina Dolls can be displayed for any occasion. Beautifully detailed, they are produced with unparalleled, handmade quality. Each is signed by the artist.
Approx. Size 4-5 inches

These Kachinas are handmade from wood, accented with horse hair, beads, fur, copper or brass, tinsel, leather, or feathers. Their average length is 4-5 inches and they come with metallic hanging cord.

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