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"Plains High-Top Moccasins"

"Plains High-Top Moccasins" Image

Plains Style Hi-Top Moccasins Pattern

Includes Men's Sizes 7-12 and Women's Sizes 5-10
The pattern is uncut and complete with instructions.

This pattern takes all the guesswork out of moccasin making! Using Missouri River's simple instructions, even a beginner can create a fine looking pair of authentic hi-tops. Includes correct decoration information for several tribal styles.

Often referred to as boots by non-Indians, these high topped moccasins were being worn by Plains and Plateau Indian women by the early 1800s. They were particularly popular on the Southern Plains where, during the mid-1800s, the style was refined to perfection by the Comanche, Kiowa, Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho, and Apache. A Southern Arapaho woman's example from the late reservation period is shown in the image. Apache men also wore a variation of this knee-high style.

Today, high tops are still a popular style of moccasin for many Plains and Plateau tribes. Comanche and Kiowa women refer to these moccasins as "leggings". since Cheyenne moccasin makers are acknowledged masters of the moccasin making art, Missouri River has chosen to present techniques of construction that are typically Southern Cheyenne, while also including mention of style differences worn by the Kiowa, Comanche, and Southern Arapaho.

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